External Spur Gears



Material Aluminium, Cast Iron
Number Of Teeth 18
Diameter 1/2 – 48 inch
Module 0.25 – 12
Diameter Pitch 96 – 2 mm

External Spur Gears are the most popular and common type of spur gear. They have their teeth cut on the outside surface of mating cylindrical wheels. While the larger wheel is referred to as the gear and the smaller wheel is known as the pinion. Single reduction stage is the most basic type of arrangement of a single pair of spur gears. Here the output rotation is in opposite direction to that of the input. In other arrangements of multiple stages, the higher net reduction can be achieved where the driven gear is connected rigidly to a third gear. This third gear, in turn, drives a mating fourth gear. This serves as the ideal output for the second stage. In this way, many output speeds on different shafts are produced starting from a just single input rotation.

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